COLA Resources Inc. (CRI®) is a Clinical laboratory education and consultative organization that uses a unique approach to guide laboratories of all sizes: interactive education. Through CRI®’s LIVE Webinar series, healthcare professional will be able to access subject content tailored to relevant industry topics. A CRI® LIVE Webinar is a unique experience which allows participants to learn vital content in real time and earn credit. Registration is fast and easy through LabUniversity.org


New video content coming soon.

Webinar CEexpress Courses

CRI®’s Webinar CEexpress courses are created from previously presented Live CRI® Webinars to allow participants to view the webinar at their convenience and obtain CE credit. The course links you to an archived version of the webinar slide and audio program, and to available PDF file resources. Your Smart devices allow for a real LIVE experience and must have audio capabilities to hear the audio portion of the presentation.

  • View the archived webinar and complete the graded quiz
  • Webinar CEexpress provides instantaneous grading and credit
  • Upon passing the quiz and completing the course evaluation, participants are able to print their P.A.C.E.® Certificate
COLA LIVE Webinars

COLA offers a number of educational webinars to help your laboratory provide quality patient care while meeting all regulatory requirements. CRI hosts the COLA LIVE Webinar series to help educate laboratorians and healthcare professionals on critical practices and latest industry developments, in real-time.

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