Consulting Services

Continuous Quality Program
through Consultative Services:

Aligned with its educational activities, CRI®’s consultative services are geared toward educating participants to adopt and maintain higher quality safeguards and standards to improve the accuracy of clinical test results, thereby improving patient care and laboratory medicine procedures. The Continuous Quality Program, through the Continuous Quality Advisors, will provide assistance to healthcare professionals; at ALL levels of laboratory testing, achieve continuous quality standards and quality patient care. CRI® will deliver tailored educational tools and uniquely-designed consultative services to participating healthcare professionals, physician offices, and laboratories, with the goal of specifically applying quality-based measures to the laboratory practices of those participants.

The Continuous Quality Program is designed to yield the following positive outcomes:

  • Reduce laboratory deficiencies
  • Reduce unnecessary, redundant testing
  • Allow for increased efficiencies for health care providers and patients
  • Both the education platform and continuous quality program are aligned to provide the tools for healthcare professionals to establish continuous quality patient care and allow for long term relationship and support.

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