QA Specialist Program

Number of Credits

28 P.A.C.E.®


Course Details:

This role-specific program package is designed for individuals holding the position of Quality Assessment Specialist. In your facility, that position might have a different title, such as:

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Improvement Specialist
  • QA Coordinator or Quality Coordinator
  • Quality & Compliance Manager
  • QA/QC Supervisor
  • Lead Technologist or Quality Technologist

This program includes all of the Quality Management Systems Program courses, plus three other courses that offer a good background to support common administrative tasks, ongoing compliance, and quality improvement efforts in a clinical lab setting.

After completing the three basic courses, The Quality Management Systems Program courses are designed to help you implement Quality Management Systems in your laboratory. The QMS program courses are based on CLSI guidelines, most notably the latest edition of Quality Management System: A Model for Laboratory Services; Approved Guideline GP26.

In the Quality Management Systems Program QMS: Introduction to Quality Management in the Medical Laboratory introduces the concept of quality management systems (QMS) and the quality system essentials (QSEs). The series continues with courses focusing on each of the 12 QSEs to gain in-depth knowledge of these important building blocks of quality. Also included in the QMS series are two “how to” courses that will guide you in process flowcharting and developing a quality manual for your laboratory’s quality management system.

Upon successful completion of all 18 courses in the program, an overall program completion certificate will be awarded.

These courses are approved for P.A.C.E. credit. Successful completion of all courses in the program will earn 28 P.A.C.E. credits. For the best learning experience, complete the courses in the order shown below.

For the best learning experience, it is important to take the courses in the order shown below:

CLIA ’88 Requirements for the Medical Laboratory
Proficiency Testing
Quality Assessment Basics
QMS: Introduction to Quality Management in the Medical Laboratory
QSE Organization
QSE Customer Focus
QSE Facilities and Safety
QSE Personnel
QSE Purchasing and Inventory
QSE Equipment
QSE Process Management
QSE Documents and Records
QSE Information Management
QSE Nonconformance Management
QSE Assessments
QSE Continual Improvement
QMS: Process Flowcharting
QMS: Quality Manual

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