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About LabUniversity®

LabUniversity® is distance learning platform developed by CRI to respond to the learning needs of physicians and laboratory staff that can be used anytime, anywhere, via the Internet.  Each course includes examples drawn from current laboratory practices—so you are gaining tangible knowledge that can be immediately applied in your own laboratory. Many courses also offer an extensive Resource section with printable forms and sources for additional information. Our Laboratory Director CME Program is approved by CMS as a means for physicians to qualify as the laboratory director of a moderate complexity laboratory.  And laboratory professionals that need continuing education credits to maintain their license have many relevant courses to choose from that offer P.A.C.E® credit.

LabUniversity is flexible whether you need individual courses that can be purchased separately, or specially packaged together.  Whichever you choose, your reward is an expanded knowledge of quality laboratory practices.

Do you need CME credits to qualify as a Laboratory Director for moderate complexity or continuing education credits to maintain your state license?  Don’t have time or money to go to a conference to earn credit?  Then taking courses online is a perfect solution for you. LabUniversity allows learning to take place at your convenience.  Course topics are arranged in modules and lessons so you control when, where, and how long you participate at any sitting.  You can log in to a course at any work station at any time and even continue where you left off at your last session.

CRI has an unsurpassed reputation for educational excellence. All of LabUniversity’s courses are created by experts specializing in laboratory medicine and the specific laboratory discipline

About COLA Resources, Inc. (CRI®)

COLA Resources, Inc. (CRI®) is an organization with the following key initiatives:

  • Provide an educational platform to assist healthcare professionals
  • Assist healthcare professionals establish Continuous Quality standards through consultative services

Between the changing health care environment, the depth of regulatory demands placed upon laboratories, and the demand for continuing education, CRI recognized the value and impact continuing education has on driving quality laboratory medicine.

CRI has the goal of instructing and training health care professionals to improve their skills and, ultimately, perform higher-quality services for the communities they serve. In support of this mission, there are two initiatives for CRI®: provide an educational platform to assist health care professionals, and assist health care professionals in establishing Continuous Quality standards through consultative services.

CRI  has expanded its successful LabUniversity distance learning program by offering a single educational and consultative resource for all clinical laboratory professionals – designed to take quality patient care to the next level.

CRI®’s educational platform offers both C.M.E, and P.A.C.E.®, credits, tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.

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