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IQCP Expertise

Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) is effective QC that allows laboratories to consider all of the possible sources of errors unique to their individual laboratory, so they can develop a QC plan that is customized for their testing workflow process, while maintaining compliance with the applicable regulations.


This software tool provides all laboratories, from small POLs, to hospitals and independent labs, with a step-by-step process to perform risk assessments and develop IQCP’s. It is designed to assist laboratories maximize their current QC methods and align their QC programs with IQCP guidelines.


Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide is an all-inclusive training guide to introduce and assist in the implementation of IQCP specific to your laboratory. It provides an overview of QC, including the evolution and basic concepts of QC, culminating with the evolution of IQCP, its definition, how it is used and when it should be used The IQCP Implementation Guide will…



The IQCP Program is designed to assist you in developing and implementation IQCP, customized to the equipment, personnel and unique testing conditions in your laboratory.