Proficiency Testing Education Bundle #1

Number of Credits

3.5 P.A.C.E.®


Course Details:

Who can benefit from this Course of Study?
This course of study is a combination of existing CRI® products packaged to meet the specific needs of facilities that perform non-waived testing and are required to enroll in proficiency testing.  You will learn:

  • The CLIA ’88 requirements for proficiency testing enrollment and performance
  • Special situations that effect PT enrollment
  • PT documentation requirements
  • Two common errors that can occur when submitting PT results
  • How to take the necessary steps when reviewing your PT scores
  • How to interpret satisfactory and successful PT performance
  • The importance of investigating and resolving PT failures
  • When self-evaluation of PT scores is necessary
  • How to determine the causes of PT failures
  • How to prevent test system problems that impact PT performance and patient test results
  • The potential consequences of PT failures
  • The requirements for split-sample testing

This course of study includes a course that has been approved for P.A.C.E.® credit. There are no prerequisites for this course of study.

CLIA Facts 26: Proficiency Testing Information (Download)
CLIA Facts 29: Proficiency Testing Paperwork (Download)
CLIA Facts 30: Evaluating Your PT Results (Download)
LabGuide 8: Proficiency Testing (Download)
LabGuide 9: Split Specimen Analysis (Download)

Online Course:
Proficiency Testing

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