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This series of courses is designed to help you implement Quality Management Systems in your laboratory. QMS: Introduction to Quality Management in the Medical Laboratory introduces the concept of quality management systems (QMS) and the quality system essentials (QSEs). The series continues with courses focusing on each of the 12 QSEs to gain in-depth knowledge of these important building blocks of quality. Also included in the series are two “how to” courses that will guide you in process flow charting and developing a quality manual for your laboratory’s quality management system.

These courses offer P.A.C.E. credit. You have one year from the date of enrollment to complete your courses.

Receive a substantial discount by purchasing the Quality Management Systems Program rather than purchasing courses individually.

The Quality Management Systems Program is also available as part of the QA Specialist Program. This program includes all the Quality Management Systems Program courses, plus three other courses that relate to quality and compliance. It also offers a substantial discount over purchasing the courses individually.

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QMS Programs:
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