CEexpress 3: Quality Systems

Number of Credits

1 P.A.C.E.®




Cyril M. Hetsko, MD, FACP; Catherine M. Johnson, MT(ASCP)
Course Details:

CEexpress 3 contains three articles about quality systems and quality communication.

This CEexpress course introduces the laboratory to the quality management systems (QMS) concept and how it can improve the management of laboratory operations. These articles cover a variety of topics including: benefits of QMS, effectiveness of QMS, using QMS to reduce errors, and quality communication.

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Cite reasons why QMS is a better approach to managing laboratory operations
  • Take steps to analyze and prevent communication failures

This course has been approved for P.A.C.E.® credit. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Article 1: QMS: A More Effective Quality Systems Approach

Article 2: QMS: The Right Solution for Moving to the Higher Quality Standards Required of 21st Century Healthcare

Article 3: The Key to Patient Safety: Quality Communication

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