Laboratory Personnel Requirements

Number of Credits

3 P.A.C.E.®




Cynthia Cardelino, MLT(ASCP), MT(HEW)
Course Keywords:

This course provides P.A.C.E.® credit only and is not for individuals that are eligible for CME credit (physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses). For CME credit, register for the course under the Laboratory Director CME Program category where the course is offered for CME credit.

Course Details:

This online educational activity has been designed to meet the needs of individuals in a clinical laboratory, including healthcare professionals working as medical laboratory staff in non-waived diagnostic laboratories, technical consultants, supervisors, testing personnel, and laboratory assistants.  This course addresses the laboratory personnel requirements as stipulated by the CLIA ’88 regulations. Included in the discussion are the personnel requirements for waived laboratories, provider performed microscopy procedure (PPMP) laboratories, moderate complexity laboratories, and high complexity laboratories. The education and experience requirements necessary to qualify for each position, and the responsibilities of each position are explained. Personnel files, records, and licensure requirements are described. A discussion of personnel competency assessment is also included. This course also offers a Resource section with helpful web site links relating to personnel, and printable resources for your use.This course has been approved for P.A.C.E.® credit. At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

• Interpret and apply the personnel requirements addressed by the CLIA ’88 regulations
• Locate the personnel requirements in the CLIA regulations
• Apply the personnel requirements and responsibilities for a PPMP lab
• Distinguish between the CLIA-required positions for a moderate complexity and a high complexity laboratory
• Interpret the various pathways to qualify for each moderate complexity and high complexity position
• Outline the responsibilities of each moderate complexity and high complexity position
• Demonstrate the required contents of a personnel file
• Predict when laboratory personnel must be licensed
• Decide who has the responsibility to evaluate laboratory personnel and how often evaluations need to be conducted
• Formulate ways to evaluate the competency of laboratory personnel

This activity will take approximately 3 hours to complete and there are no prerequisites. A P.A.C.E. completion certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course with a score of 80% or higher on the graded exams, and completion of the course evaluation.

  • Personnel Basics
  • Waived & PPMP
  • Graded Exam 1
  • Moderate Complexity
  • Graded Exam 2
  • High Complexity
  • Graded Exam 3
  • Records, Licensure & Competency
  • Graded Exam 4
  • Resources

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