The Proficiency Testing Bundles and Quality Control Education Programs are temporarily unavailable while we complete reviews and updates.


Our Continuous Quality Program (CQP) is designed to help laboratories achieve and maintain quality standards 365 days a year, instead of only focusing on quality during the biennial survey process.

We hope you will find the educational approach of the CQP, which goes beyond basic regulatory compliance, helpful in assessing and improving the quality of patient care provided by your laboratory.

As a part of the Continuous Quality Program, we have created course packages on topics relevant to the needs of laboratories that are:

  • New
  • Scheduled to be surveyed soon
  • Undergoing a change in Laboratory Director or testing personnel
  • Adding new instrumentation or tests to the test menu
  • Experiencing an increase in citations since their previous survey
  • Experiencing proficiency testing failures
  • Interested in improving the quality of patient care
Continuous Quality Programs: