MLE CEexpress 14: Anemia and Iron Deficiency

Number of Credits

1 P.A.C.E.®




Priya Vishwanath, MS MT(ASCP)
Course Details:

There are many forms of anemia, not all of which are detrimental to day to day functioning. Anemia is a sign of a disease process, rather than the disease itself.  It is usually classified as either chronic or acute. In general, the problem is either decreased production of red blood cells or the destruction of red blood cells. The first article provides a brief introduction to anemia, its causes and the common laboratory tests used to identify the underlying cause for preliminary diagnosis. The second article discusses one common type of anemia, Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) and the laboratory tests that help in the definitive diagnosis. Course includes photomicrographs and helpful charts.

This course has been approved for P.A.C.E.® credit. 

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Article 1: Anemia, The Hidden Ailment

Article 2: Iron Deficiency Anemia

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